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Too many in our culture pretend we don’t know what a woman is or what a girl is. From girls’ sports to medical journals, females are deliberately being erased. Despite vast biological differences between girls and guys, leading institutions embrace a false “inclusivity” to comply with a lie. Don’t fall for the Gender Identity sham. There aren’t 76+ genders. There are two. And they’re beautifully and wonderfully different.

About the book


She is She, written by Bethany and Ryan Bomberger, is all about beautiful, undeniable, biological her. This ground-breaking children’s book explores what it means to be female…and love it! Primarily for children ages 2-8, the book can also be used as valuable tool for children through 8th grade to affirm biological and Biblical gender identity. The She Is She book is endorsed by Dr. Alveda King (niece of Martin Luther King Jr.), Eric Metaxas (New York Times multiple-Best Selling author and nationally syndicated radio show host), Kristen Waggoner (CEO/President/General Counsel for the Alliance Defending Freedom), Kristan Hawkins (President of Students for Life of America), Abby Johnson (CEO/Founder of And Then There Were None) and more! In the “What the Bible Says” and “What Science Says” section, there is valuable content that can spur on wonderful discussions with children and families. If you want to dig deeper, we have some GREAT RESOURCES below. Buy one copy, or buy them in bulk. Put them in your library. Put them in your churches. Counter the cultural lies with clarity and creativity!


Kristen Waggoner - CEO/President/General Counsel at Alliance Defending Freedom

“In today’s world, reality is often obscured by manufactured confusion and clever falsehoods.  This little book, She is She – by Bethany and Ryan Bomberger – is a precious remedy to a falsehood about what it means to be human. It is beautifully simple, yet reminds us of timeless and profound truths about being a girl, being a woman, and seeing yourself as God lovingly designed you in His image and likeness. She is She is certainly sweet, but not saccharine or sentimental. It speaks powerfully and directly to our age from a Biblical, scientific, and common sense perspective. It affirms girls as girls, and tells the truth that girls don’t need to be anything other than who God made them to be. He doesn’t make mistakes! Bethany and Ryan have given us all a gift that will bless every little girl in our lives!”

Kristen Waggoner, CEO, President & General Counsel, Alliance Defending Freedom

“Ryan and Bethany Bomberger’s book SHE IS SHE is an unmitigated delight! Not only does it bravely state the bold truth about gender when so many shrink from doing so, but it does this beautifully, with wit and style and joy! Every family and every library should have a copy of this inimitable and glorious new book!”


She is She empowers girls to be exactly who God created them to be from the start – filled with unique purpose as a perfectly designed ‘she!’ After reading this special book, each young girl can recognize how she is powerful and able to take on anything that comes her way just by being her true self. Ryan and Bethany don’t merely craft the story around an opinion, but with faith-based and science-based facts, which is so refreshing in today’s culture. I’m so thankful there is a book like this that speaks the truth to our future female leaders! Can’t wait to read it with my daughter.”

Kristan Hawkins, President, Students for Life of America

“You will absolutely love this book! She is She is a beautiful revelation. In a culture that chooses to darken the most basic truths, this gorgeous children’s book is a fantastic light. Women and girls are being erased, our language is being distorted, and common sense is being crushed under the heavy hand of delusion. Bethany and Ryan illuminate this present-day fight for actual women’s and girls’ equality and do it with a creative style that children and adults of every hue will adore! This is a powerful tool that celebrates life, motherhood, and the preciousness of girls made in the image of God.”

Meet the authors.

Bethany & Ryan BOMBERGER

Wife and husband duo, Bethany and Ryan Bomberger, are the cofounders of Radiance Foundation. They are the parents of four kiddos: 2 boys and 2 girls (and one of each were adopted)! They are passionate about illuminating that every human life has God-given purpose. As homeschooling parents, they see the dangerous indoctrination happening in America’s public schools. Bethany was a teacher in public and private schools for thirteen years. Ryan served as a Creative Director in the media production/ad agency world and a youth mentor for over a decade. Today, they are international public speakers, authors, adoption advocates, school choice/parental rights advocates, and educators. As factivists, they love creating ground-breaking and life-affirming content that shifts culture!

RYAN AND BETHANY BOMBERGER, cofounders of The Radiance Foundation


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